Richard was extremely patient and professional, he walked us through the whole process, explained the different steps and made sure all is done on time and properly.
He would call prior to any activity and remind us of the work and what will be done in detail and what si required from us to make our pool a beautiful one once again.
very valuable to me personally is having Richard spend some time with me teaching me on how exactly to keep maintaining the pool balance (I am doing my own pool), which parameters are the ones to look for and how to treat the pool better so all the issues it had will not reoccur.

lastly, Richard and his team were extremely courteous and polite and took care of everything A to Z.
great work!

Ehud B. WESTON, Manager

Repaired a swimming pool beam break, repaired loose coping, demolished existing pool deck, installed travertine pavers around the pool, replaced pool cleaning heads, installed and repaired pool cleaning caretaker gear control box.
Member Comments:
Richard was a joy to work with. He is very personable and friendly in addition to being really knowledgable. He came to our appointment on time. He provided a much more detailed estimate than the three other companies I sought bids from. That made me confident that there wouldn’t be any surprises or added on fees, and there weren’t any. I changed my mind from installing pavers to travertine and he did not miss a beat. He sent me to a great travertine distributor, who was waiting for me to show me options. This personal service was great. He took a lot more time than his competitors to explain the work, about potential delays if it rained (it didn’t) and left my property clean. He bonded with my dog which is always a plus!

The completed job was beautiful and I am VERY happy. I recommend All Pro Pools to everyone

Barry S. Plantation, Consultant

All Pro Pools found and repaired multiple cracks and leaks in our pool. In addition, he cleaned and acid-washed the Diamond Brite finish.
Member Comments:
Everything was as described and we are very happy with the results. When the initial problem was not corrected Mr. Stubblefield came back and resolved the issue without hesitation. Mr. Stubblefield takes great pride in his work and it absolutely shows. In addition, he is courteous, knowledgeable and truly a man of his word. For me, having someone who does work at a fair price, does the job right and keeps his word is about as much as one can ask for!
I would not hesitate to use All Pro again. Thanks to all for a job well done.

Jeff K. Hollywood, Designer